The Woods We Use & Why

by Darryl long on October 17, 2019


Kube Designs furniture is handcrafted in the UK using real solid wood. Each board in your furniture is selected by hand, and inspected for quality, strength, straightness, grain and colour.

Our furniture is made from wood that comes from forests that are harvested sustainably. These forests are professionally managed such that they will be around for generations, we use FSC certified timber, although there is still a premium for FSC certified wood we feel it is a sustainable approach that adds another dimension to the story of your furniture.


At Kube Designs we typically work with European oak and American black walnut. We like these species because they are well suited to fine furniture making by virtue of their colour, strength, hardness, grain patterns and workability. They are also readily obtainable in our market, making them a sustainable choice.

If you are looking for a different wood species, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss options and considerations involving the use of other wood species.


“Nature’s Designs Are Perfectly Imperfect”

The wood in your Kube Designs furniture is natural solid hardwood and just as the trees in our forests are not identical, each individual piece of furniture has its own unique markings.

As such you will notice the grain variations that help distinguish each piece as unique. It is not uncommon to find different grain contrasts in the same piece of solid wood furniture. The lighter grain was closer to the tree’s bark (sapwood) and the darker grain was closer to the tree’s centre (heartwood). Grain variations and natural markings should not be viewed as flaws.

They have absolutely no effect on your furniture’s durability or structural integrity. Mineral deposits and other characteristics are much like the nubs you find in fine fabrics such as silk and linen; they are true indications of genuine quality and authenticity.

Cheaper furniture that is mass-produced is often made of low quality wood or plastic veneers that have undergone a multi-step chemical process of bleaching, texturizing and staining in order to mask these natural characteristics of wood. At Kube Designs we prefer the real thing.



Black walnut wood is dark, hard, dense and tight-grained. It’s prized by woodworkers for its strength, grain and color. It polishes to a very smooth finish, and the color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate in the heartwood.

Over the years, natural walnut wood develops a lustrous patina. As the only dark-brown domestic wood species, it has a large following of devoted woodworkers and fine furniture aficionados. Walnut is also found in upscale cabinets, natural wood flooring, kitchen accessories, gunstocks, and more.

Although there are many varieties of walnut trees, just a handful are native to North America. Of them, the Eastern Black Walnut, also called the American Black Walnut or American Walnut, is the one typically used for woodworking.



Oak is one of the most popular woods used in furniture and flooring. Oak is highly durable, easy to work with, and looks great stained or with a clear, natural finish. It’s also one of the most efficient woods to burn due to the high BTU content.

Oak wood comes in a number of hues, but its grain pattern is quite unique, which makes it one of the easier species to recognize. It has a long history of use around the home dating back to pre-colonial times and remains every bit as popular today. While this makes it a mainstay in traditional design, its versatility means that it can also make a modern piece come to life.

One of the reasons why oak can take on so many different looks is that there isn’t a single type of oak tree. There are many species of oak growing across the world. When it comes to furniture making and other uses around the home, the most common species are red and white oak. Both are stunning choices and work well in busy homes because of their durability. However we favour the European white oak due to the grain patterns and the sustainable sources available.